Esoteric Knowledge Challenge

I am keen to read books of an Esoteric Knowledge. Books that cover legends, history, speculation, OOA (Out of Order Artifacts) and other mysterious events and items that are NOT considered to be part of official history.

Please note - UFO's will NOT be part of this challenge.

I could make it 5 years so that it runs alongside the Non Fiction challenge. Good idea. Lets make it NO less than 25  books for 5 years. Which for me will start January 2016 and run until Dec 2020.

The List - in no particular order

Gavin Menzies - The Lost Empire of Atlantis
Daniel Friedmann - The Genesis One Code
Barr McClellan - Blood Money and Power (How LBJ killed JFK)
Don Adams - From an Office Building with a High Power Rifle (JFK assassination)
Elizabeth Clare Prophet - The Lost Teachings of Jesus

Rand and Rose Flem-Ath - Atlantis Beneath the Ice
William Mann - The Knights Templar in the New World
Christopher Knight and Alan Butler - Civilization One
Andrew Tomas - We are Not the First
Dan Millman - Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Edward  Malkowski - Before the Pharoahs
Edward Malkowski - Ancient Egypt 39,000 BCE
Colin Wilson - Atlantis and the Sphinx
Philip Coppens - The Lost Civilization Enigma
Christopher Dunn - The Giza Power Plant

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